That Pounding Heartbeat? Could that be Love?

You know it. He knows it. Your parents know it. Your friends know it. Almost everyone (with the exception of some psychologically-deranged individuals) knows this. 

Love. That person you’ve had a crush on since forever? Nah, that’s not love. Nowhere near. 

So, what is love?

Try asking everyone this question, and you will likely get a wildly assorted answers. Love, in its most basic form, is something that you feel deeply. It’s deeper than lust or infatuation. It is the thing that keeps animals together. It is what makes male birds fight for their territories where their offspring and loved one live. 

So, love is survival? Not quite.

Love is the ability to feel for the other person. It’s what pushes you to fend the people you love from whatever is attacking them. It means making time – even just for an hour – to break away from your busy schedule and sit down and cuddle with the ones you love.

Love is simplicity. It does not require extravaganzas or luxuries. Well, their is a luxury that you have to give to the person you love, and that is the luxury of attention. 

Love needs time and attention. Time alone won’t help, since you could be present physically but your mind is wandering and pondering about how to make the compromise needed for the business merger. 

It doesn’t take much to make the people you love feel special. You could write them a card for the holidays, or cook their favorite food for dinner, or watch that cheesy romantic movie which makes you oh so drowsy together. It’s what you wouldn’t normally do but you would gladly take up for the people you love. That is love.

No one ever truly feels alive until he loves.

It’s not that pounding in your chest, or the giddy feeling you get. But rather, it’s the safety and security and comfort you feel when you are together. It is a bond that is not and should not be contaminated with the physical aspects of the world. Trust me, you could have all the riches in the world but you would still feel alone if you have no love.

Say you have a delicate flower that needs to be taken care of. Give it too much heat and it withers, too much water and it chokes, putting it in an unsuitable soil would make the previous two irrelevant. The same goes with love. Too much passion and the stick burns out fast. Too much alone time and “giving each other space to think” would kill it faster than frostbite on a toe. But worse is not finding any common ground at all. You have lost the battle before it has even started.

Love, yes love. The feeling responsible for Troy’s downfall, the innumerable murders and suicides, and wars. Love is both good and evil, just like any other thing in this world. But you have to accept it for what it is. You have to accept it for both its light and dark sides. 

So go on, love freely. Look back on the relationships you have failed to take care. Tie the loose ends. In fact, you should stop reading this now and go make your loved ones feel that you love them.

Because living is loving. No one ever truly feels alive until he loves.


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