Dealing With That Uncertainty Down the Horizon

It’s been a long time since my last blog post, thanks to school and personal projects I undertook. Now that I have a freer schedule, I decided to post about one thing I’ve been facing for several months now

First thing’s first: Life ALWAYS changes. Be it the change in your status, change in your lifestyle, change in your perspective, life never remains static.

As such, it sometimes gets difficult when we’re facing something we never anticipated (or anticipated, you’re just being plain paranoiac). Life throws something you’re not sure how to deal with, like a cookie fresh from the oven with your bare hands. And your skin is sensitive. And the cookie’s burning. Stuff like that.

No matter how hard the problems may appear, remember that nothing is stronger than your will if you’re willing to face it head-on.

Stepping out comfort zones are good. Being robbed out of your comfort zone while facing a zombie apocalypse? That’s another story.

What exactly am I talking about anyway? I’m talking about things you know are coming, but still don’t know how best to handle that shit. Like a loved one dying, you moving into a new home, entering a dark and low phase in your life.

So what are you supposed to do? I’ll offer some pieces of advice to let you see the edge of the light. Take note that these are merely generalized advice; seek a close and trusted friend for a more tailored advice.

  1. Don’t overthink it. Most of the problem resides in your head. Imagine seeing a huge monster shadow when it’s actually just the shadow of a rat too close to the light. When you think you’re faced with a thousand soldiers, calm down and let your logical brain point out the flaws of your thinking. Is the problem really that bad, or is it actually you who’s making it look worse?
  2. Gather enough information. Just enough. Not too much. Too much can make you complacent and hang around, chillin’. If the problem is about you moving into a new neighborhood and you think it’s filled with rednecks and troublemakers, do yourself a favor and research. Ask the inhabitants. Don’t wallow in your thoughts, do something about it.
  3. Seek guidance. Be it from above or from close friends, always ask for guidance. They’re there, giving you the privilege of drowning their clothes in tears and snot and saliva. Ask them for help. Let them accompany you in this particularly bouncy transition.
  4. Form a plan and execute it. It doesn’t take much to pinpoint what to do, especially if you’ve done the things above. Form a viable and effective plan to address the issue and execute it step-by-step. Don’t wait for your friends to coax you into doing it, take control of the situation.

Of course, this doesn’t mean the change is bad. It can spell disaster for your current psyche, but we humans are meant to adapt and take control. No matter how hard the problems may appear, remember that nothing is stronger than your will if you’re willing to face it head-on.

Who said transitions are pleasant? A caterpillar waits inside its cocoon, enduring the harsh conditions, because it knows that it has to undergo that process to become who it was really meant to be.

So, gather your armors and friends and march down into the cloud and into a place much better than where you started.


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